Saturday regents prep sessions will resume tomorrow, Saturday June 10, 2023

Saturday Regents Prep June 10, 2023
Time: 8:30am-12:30pm
The sessions are as follows:
Algebra I
Algebra II
Global Studies
Earth Science

Letter from the chancellor: The Importance of Wellness and Mindfulness


Dear Families,

The end of the school year is full of excitement and enthusiasm, but for some it might be stressful and
include nervous energy. I know that day-to-day pressures and difficulties can be challenging and
overwhelming, especially for young people. As part of our continuing effort to focus on the wellness of
our students, I want the NYC Public Schools to do even more to help students build social-emotional
skills. I want to ensure that our students have access to the tools and resources they need to develop
habits for good mental health and overall wellness throughout their lives.
As such, Mayor Adams and I are directing that each school set aside time every day for your children to
engage in 2-5 minutes of Mindful Breathing activities. Schools can offer these activities in any class or
school program. For example, your children may experience mindful breathing in their physical
education classes, advisory classes, homeroom, or even during school announcements.
To support schools, we have developed a simple set of mindful breathing exercises that schools may
use. We believe these simple techniques can help students focus on being fully present and reduce
anxiety. Over the past few months, several hundred school-based staff members were trained in these
Mindful Breath Practices. These simple exercises take only about 2 – 5 minutes a day to perform and do
not require significant training.
Over 70% of our schools are already practicing mindfulness on a regular basis, but our expectation has
been that every student practice 2-5 minutes of mindful breathing daily starting this school year and
continue in September. As we enter the summer, these resources, training, and support will continue.
We will also collaborate with schools to offer mindful breathing during summer school as I want our
children to have these tools whether school is in session or not.
As you know, the mental health and wellbeing of our students is a key priority for the city and school
administration, and this is one more effort to create the strong mind/body connection that is so
important for our students. Thank you.

Soaring high,
David C. Banks





We are overjoyed that you are interested in Queens Preparatory Academy!

​Please click the link below for the NYC Department of Education's Choices Enrollment webpage for more information. If you have questions about enrollment at Queens Preparatory Academy, you can do one of the following:

For more information please contact our:

Parent Coordinator: Abigail Hooper

Phone (718) 712-2304 extension 3223



Community Associate: Vondra Calhoun

Phone (718) 712-2304 extension 3095


Some programs we offer:


A blended learning tech-entrepreneurship course where scholars design ways to improve their community and build digital solutions using coding with MIT App Inventor and evolve an innovative solution to a problem into a validated business opportunity.


Scholars delved into app development, web design and programming in the fields of engineering & cyber security.


We offer 8 College Board Advanced Placement courses that include: AP Calculus, AP English and Composition, AP Computer Science.

Queens Prep Newsletter:







January 20th Newsletter 1.pdf





NFTE Mid-Atlantic Regional Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge

Congratulations to our Scholars for making it to the quarter finals of the NFTE Mid-Atlantic Regional Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge! Good luck! Our two teams: Fuzion Fitz Clothing & Pacifisto have a chance to make it to the semifinals.

DOE's GAMA System:

Our school is using the new Grade, Attendance and Messaging Applications (GAMA): We are happy to inform you that the DOE has launched a centralized system for attendance reporting, grading, and messaging. It is very important that your NY Schools Account is active so that you have access to GAMA. Parents, be sure that your NY Schools Account (NYCSA) is activated so that you will have access to GAMA.

Please click the link below: